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Is "Write a note" for recurring donations possible?


Is "Write a note" for recurring donations possible?

I manage electronic giving for our non-profit (a church). Some people give one-time gifts; others use the “Make this a monthly donation” checkbox to setup automatically recurring monthly donations.

We also have people who give money for specific purposes, for example the building fund, rather than the church general fund. To donate money given to a specific purpose (e.g. the building fund) our donors use the “Write a note” field to enter in what specific area they want their gift to go to.

Here is the problem: when setting up a recurring automatic monthly donation the “Write a note” field does not appear! So our donors can’t make recurring donations for specific purposes. Is there a work-around for this?


Re: Is "Write a note" for recurring donations possible?

Hi @dunromin2


I definitely understand your question, and unfortunately, the note option is only available when submitting payments manually. For recurring/automatic payments this option won't be available. As a suggestion, you may have to ask those who are already set up for recurring donations to make a separate donation of a smaller amount and reference where they would like their recurring donation to go towards. It might add some extra leg work on your part but it may help.




Re: Is "Write a note" for recurring donations possible?

Thanks DerrickD for the reply. Hope that PayPal might add this capability in the future...