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Inventory Management and Profit Calculations


Inventory Management and Profit Calculations

Good evening, 


I am running a small gem/mineral retails store, dealing primarily with online sales.  After exploring a few different options for software, I cannot seem to find the exact software solution that I have been looking for, so I will ask for help here.  This is what I need the service to accomodate:


     1)  I need to be able to send invoices.  

     2)  I need to be able to log and track inventory within the same service, so I can select the items I am sending an invoice for, select qty, and whether collecting tax is needed.  Payment with credit/debit card/paypal required.


     3)  When I send the invoice, I would like the program to deduct the appropriate qty from my inventory automatically (not a hard sell on this one, I COULD go through and adjust qty up/down).  Connecting it to my paypal/bank account is okay (I use paypal invoicing right now, and it does almost everything I need, other than calculate my profit from my inventory.)

     4)  I would like the program to track my profit for all invoices sent throughout the month by calculating my sales from my inventory.

     5)  Overall, I want to input my inventory (item name, costs, qty, vendor, sale price [fixed, customize when I send an invoice]), send invoices, and I need it to calculate total profit based on that inventory entered.  Calculating Sales Tax would also be a big bonus, but not required!

     6)Link to something similar to PayPal shipping if PayPal shipping cannot be used.


I can answer any other questions, but this is basically what I am looking for to minimize my time doing paperwork.  Thank you for all of your help!