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How to setup/receive recurring payments


How to setup/receive recurring payments

Is it possible with my PayPal standard business account to setup recurring payments on a fixed schedule (some monthly, some quarterly, some annually) from individuals, some who may have PayPal accounts and some who do not have PayPal accounts but want to pay either by credit / debit card or by bank eCheck?


Also, does anyone at PayPal support ever monitor these forums?  I have seen so many posts with 'NO' replies with some going back to 2010!!  Just wanted to know if I'm wasting my time posting to this community. 🙂

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Re: How to setup/receive recurring payments

With Payments Standard, recurring payments and/or subscriptions require the customer to have a PayPal Account.   You may want to checkout PayPal Payments Pro as it looks like it has the functions you're looking for.


As for PayPal employees answering questions, they do get involved from time to time however, the intent of the the community was for members to help other members, see this recent post from one of the moderators - many of the folks who try to help are volunteers - most are business owners who have used or are using various PayPal Products and have learned about PayPal's products through hands on experience.  


Re: How to setup/receive recurring payments



Thanks for responding.  I went to my Deverloper account settings and it shows "Subscriptions Initiate and manage regularly scheduled payments from customers. " with checkmark in both Live and Sandbox.  I used the WHMCS online billing for my clients and I'm wanting to get all of them on an online autopay system.  From what I have learned on the WHMCS forums, there is no recurring ability in their application to automatically charge on a periodic basis.  However, once an invoice is paid through PayPal, the user (payor) can setup recurring payments.  Regretfully, this requires them to have a PayPal account.  Right now I do have about 15-20% of clients that pay online via some PayPal buttons I have setup on my website and I am configuring my WHMCS so they can pay from inside the online billing but I really want to get automatic payments setup without requiring the client to set it up via their bill pay systems at their banks.


Any suggestions?