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How can someone change their subscription?


How can someone change their subscription?

I am considering using the PayPal subscription button for my digital service, but I have one question. I was playing around with the PayPal Sandbox. I have two subscription packages that the user can choose from (Standard and Pro). They both cost different amounts. My test button has the two subscription options listed in the drop down with the prices for the user to pick one.


That works fine, but there doesn't seem to be a way for the user to change the subscription type after they have started the recurring payment. There also doesn't seem to be a way for the business account to change it for the customer upon request. It seems like the only way for the subscription to be changed other than the customer cancelling the subscription and starting up a new subscription. But this doesn't work in my case because then the billing period starts from the day they change the subscription.


With my service, you will be locked into your package for a month before you can change. So basically, I want the customer to be able to change their subscription package so that their billing cycle will continue on the same day it was originally planned, but starting on that upcoming billing cycle, they will be billed for the new package and price.


Any ideas?