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Help with New Donation Button Rollout


Help with New Donation Button Rollout


It seems when someone clicks my donation button they can now choose three predetermined donation amounts or enter a different amount.

Sounds nice in theory, if I could test this with $25, $50, $100 or Other Amount; but it defaults to $75, $100, and $150. These amounts are out of line with my typical donation amounts. At a glance it looks like we only want or will accept these amounts. I don't like this and I think it has hurt my donations this week. What really bugs me is PayPal rolled this out without discussing it in advance, and then sent me a survey AFTER to ask my reaction. Here is my reaction: Either put this back the way it was, or give me the option to change those amounts! What you think is an improvement can be a detriment, especially when you don't consult with or ask your customer first. So irritated!




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Re: Help with New Donation Button Rollout

Here's an option from a previous post.


(Some people get the screen you're seeing while others do not - however, if you use your own code, it seems to work the same for all.)

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