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Help setting up a donate link for my game


Help setting up a donate link for my game

Hello. I'm currently developing a multiplayer game, myself paying for all expenses.


Recently I've been short of money, so I've decided to start accepting donations to go towards the development of the game (e.g. server costs, buying graphics, hiring people)


I don't want to use my personal account for the donations, for privacy, and to make sure they know they're donating to the game itself (and not me). What do you recommend I do for this?


I'm not very good with PayPal, so sorry if this is a basic question. Thank you for your help.


Re: Help setting up a donate link for my game

Hey @KamilDev,


Great question! You can create a business account under the name of the game, or your company, and accept payments under that name. This would also allow you to keep all incoming donations separate from your typical personal payments. Just know, you may not be able to share financial accounts between the two PayPal accounts. Hopefully this helps, and good luck with the game! 🙂


- Ashley M

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