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Going full-on PayPal, drop cc processing

New Community Member

Going full-on PayPal, drop cc processing

Hello! Thanks for being here to help answer questions.  I've had an online store with a shopping cart (Shopsite) for 20 years. 


I offer payment through PayPal (currently around 30% of transactions) and through I get paid via Visa, MC and Amex.  I'm planning to drop the portion, as I think that's the best way forward.  My host suggested going all PayPal which sounds good.  Shopsite integrates fully with PayPal.


I see that PayPal offers Payments Advanced, this solution provides 'PCI-compliant checkout that keeps customers on your site'


I'd really like to see sample stores that use Payments Advanced (and PaymentsPro).  Is there a gallery of sites so I can see this in action?  Or can anyone suggest a few sites?  Thank you for your help!