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Feeling "rather misled" about eBooks and Digital Downloads!

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Feeling "rather misled" about eBooks and Digital Downloads!

Boy, howdy!  Don't the following page look good?


"One integration. Many ways to pay. Sell your digital software, ebooks, or downloads online and in your mobile app with PayPal merchant services. You can even qualify for special micropayment pricing."


But – "whups!" – when you actually try to do such a thing, you quickly discover that the necessary support isn't actually there.  There actually isn't a button-type that will allow you to attach a software installer, a eBook, or any other type of "download" to a button!


Okay, okay, okay, so "of course, PayPal doesn't have to undertake to do this sort of thing."  (Plenty of other services well-known to me do ...)  But I must say that "this page is extremely misleading."  PayPal, please feel free to define your business however you wish to.  But, please don't tell me that you can do this if you actually can't.

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Re: Feeling "rather misled" about eBooks and Digital Downloads!



Nope there is not. Just taking a look at the type of buttons PayPal has and that's obvious but one can get the micropayment if your digital good don't go over a certain amount.


I was always under the impression that one has to set it up through our own website or app integration and coding. No plug and play button code from PayPal.


Edit: Actually, after doing a bit of digging just now, and found this:

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂