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Ebay shipping payments not processed for several days...

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Ebay shipping payments not processed for several days...

Hi all! Anyone else having problems with paypal and ebay? On monday I shipped out over 60 items from my ebay store. The majority of the shipping labels cleared paypal immediately. Then on wednesday I noticed several more cleared in the early hours of the morning. I checked to see what was going on because I knew I had not created any labels at 3am. So over the last 3 days I have had at least 15 shipping label payments clear at all hours of the day. Even yesterday when I printed NEW labels for items I had to ship, they cleared immediately. Is paypal just playing catchup? Its frustrating because the transactions do not even show as processing or pending in my activity feed so I never truly know what my paypal balance is. I also would have to go through over 100 transactions to figure if any haven't cleared yet. Anyone else having this issue? Help!


PS I did email paypal. Just waiting to hear back. 

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