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Does Anyone Else Think that PayPal's tech support stinks?


Does Anyone Else Think that PayPal's tech support stinks?

I'll try and be as succinct as possible; and hopefully some of you out there may get a smile or two at the sarcasm I am going to lob at PayPal as a mindless, uncaring, Corporate Machine, and particularly their so-called "Tech-Support". 


Here's the situation:  Many thousands of us world-wide mom & pop website sellers have older websites. They are NOT loaded with moving parts and pretty, wiggly, graphics. But they do get the job done - which is to sell our little product.  I am one of those thousands, perhaps millions, of mom & pop website owners.  I had my website - up and functioning - for at least 6 years.  Around 2016 Paypal took it upon themselves to employ non USA educated PC engineers and re-design their ENTIRE SYSTEM from top to bottom. Oh boy, did they 'modernize'!  They did not take advice or feedback from common Website owners as to "Hey, what works for you, and how do you like a page to look?"  If I know PayPal, like I think I know PayPal - - They went for the CHEAPEST POSSIBLE WAY to make updates - just so the Smart Phone people could use them.  That is PayPal's style, cheap and half-done.  Use a font that is too skinny and UNREADABLE especially on desktop PC's, use modern code that is not recognizable by older websites (and BTW, don't give THEIR long-time CUSTOMERS, you and me, the courtesy of a letter or e-mail about said code updates and how to implement them) and most of all - Design a Summary Page THAT IS INCOMPLETE!  The idiots removed the "Shipped" category, so that when you get a sale it is immediately marked as "COMPLETE"!! LOL!  How stupid or lazy can a Web Designer get?


Are website designers and code writers really that dumb and out of touch with the reality of selling an item off a website?!  Or is it that they just really DGAF??  Can they really be so obtuse and uncaring That they don't understand that a 'sale' isn't "complete" until the customer over in Rangoon has had their item shipped to them!   THEN it is actually a "COMPLETED SALE" (And incidentally, THAT is when the funds should become available to the owner of the XYZ Website - Could save ALL of us, buyers and sellers, a crap-ton load of problems, and certainly makes the seller get off their duffs to get that item shipped Pronto, ya know?)


I could actually get physical with these cretin PayPal designers and engineers for their utter and total lack of real CUSTOMER CONSIDERATION.  They just did whatever the heck they wanted to do during the PayPal re-model (and as LITTLE of that as possible) and figured, "Heck, let the slaves in Tech Support deal with the millions of angry customers as our Integration continually  fails for them and creates a plethora of problems FOR PAYPAL'S LONG-TERM CUSTOMERS WHO HELPED MAKE THEM RICH. Lol. Let's go get drinks and play Video Games!"  

To finish up, I want to let the rest of you poor suckers who are trapped in PayPal's overpriced web know that, today, Jan. 16, 2020. I actually had a Tech Support "professional" from PayPal actually LIE TO ME, with utter sincerity, that my PayPal payment buttons didn't work because of my Domain Provider!  Yep, PayPal's highly professional, English speaking, "tech support" put the blame for their lack of knowledge, and LAZY customer care to us Legacy website owners onto Go, my domain provider!

So back to the header on this; I want to ask other victims of PP's world-wide pathetic joke of a service: Does anyone else think that PayPal's tech-support stinks?  Let's hear your experience.


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Re: Does Anyone Else Think that PayPal's tech support stinks?



Do you know how many people gripe about the PayPal hold here? Talkin' about "I am not shipping anything! Its asking for tracking number, I am just receiving money from cousin jo jo" (cousin jo jo sent money as goods and services in error), or, "I'm just receiving money as my salary" or "I did some work for a client! How do I get my money sooner, I shouldn't have to wait!!! This is ridiculous! I want my money now! I am not going to use PayPal anymore!!!"




People were gripping about the "Needs Attention" tag when a payment comes in, too! "Whuh, what's does that mean?? How do I get rid of it??? I am not shipping anything!" So they got rid of it.


And the bit about tech support saying that it could be your domain provider or host provider...there might something to it in terms of being compliant with some security format from a few years ago. What's its called...PCI Data Security Standard compliant? PCI DSS and everyone has to upgrade their browser in order to use PayPal. Got the email about this in June 2018.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Re: Does Anyone Else Think that PayPal's tech support stinks?

OK, well, @AZDesertRat , I wrote a reply wholeheartedly supporting your post but now I can't see it, so unless my browser just isn't refreshing properly, it looks like someone has deleted it?? Let me know if you'd like me to re-post.


Re: Does Anyone Else Think that PayPal's tech support stinks?

Dear Frickshow,

Of COURSE your supportive comment validating my very specific criticisms of PayPal's customer service didn't SHOW UP ANYWHERE!

Some PayPal toadie finds and deletes these criticisms all day, every day!  (Don't you know that's how PP solves problems?) 😂

YES. Please re-post it!

PP is both Shameful and SHAMELESS in their Corporate mis-management.


Re: Does Anyone Else Think that PayPal's tech support stinks?

Yes, and when I went to login just now, there is a popup now that says (among other things) "PayPal has the right to reject or remove any content". So read this quickly before it gets deleted again!


Anyway, I always keep copies of posts (not just here, but everywhere) because too often when you hit Submit, something goes wrong, so if you haven't copied your post first, you've lost it and have to start all over! So here is the content of my original reply:


Absolutely I agree with you about their lack of tech support, and their rush to lie to you because they don't know what else to say. Also their back-end systems are *bleeped* up, and I know this how...?
Here is the ultra-short version: I am a new PayPal business customer and I provided ALL the business info they asked for. They immediately replied that my account would be limited until I provide all the info they need! But clicking on the link just responds with a Thank You for providing the information.
Yet they kept sending me emails threatening to limit my account if I didn't provide the info by Jan 15th! Telephone support assured me all would be OK, don't worry! They lied...
So here we are, Jan 15th, and I get an email saying "Your account has been limited We need more information about your organisation. You cannot send or receive payments until you provide this information. Please provide this information before 14 Apr 2020 to remove the limitations on your account."
And guess what happens when I click on that "more information" link? It just says "Thank you for providing the information."
With such demonstrated incompetency and incapacity to handle the most rudimentary of IT tasks, you have to ask yourself: "Is the the sort of organisation I am willing to trust with my personal, private, business and financial information, and my money?"
The upshot of all this was that PayPal required me to complete a W-8BEN-E form - that's why my account was limited, because I hadn't completed that form. And how did I finally find this out? Well, certainly not from my account itself, because as you can see from the above, there was NOTHING in my account that directed me to complete this form (which I had never even heard of).
Nope, the only way I found out about this was by giving them another two phone calls, waiting on hold for a total of 70 minutes, and finally speaking to a rep who actually knew this situation (unlike the original rep who'd just told me not to worry, everything would be okay).
Then, after downloading the form from the IRS and completing it (no mean feat - it's worded like it was written by a corporate lawyer) after a couple of days my account was finally unlimited. Wasn't that easy?

Re: Does Anyone Else Think that PayPal's tech support stinks?

BELIEVE ME, SHARPIE, the issue I had that PayPal's "fine quality tech support" gave me the most bogus, stupid answer for was NOT the obscure issue you suggested.  YOU MUST TRUST ME ON THIS.  Some lazy, ignorant seat-warmer within the morass of morons working at PP customer service/tech support gave me the most ludicrous, laughable, pass-off non-solution that even I, a non-techie, saw through it.  THEY LIE.  They don't care.  PayPal has built in this blase' attitude towards its customers as part of its total corporate culture.  It's deeply ingrained from the top down that 'The Customer' is the least important concern for their mega-corporation.

But it's all GOOD, because the ludicrousness of that  situation about a month ago with PayPal's crappy "remodeled" website, obscenely poor customer service, ridiculously bad Tech Support, and maddeningly GREEDY corporate management finally got me so angry and frustrated that I ultimately closed down my little online business - and saved my blood pressure.  I'm in a happy place now.  A happy place, far, far away from PP's abysmal corporation.

I just feel pity, from the bottom of my heart, for the thousands upon thousands of frustrated Gen X,Y,Z'rs and millenials who, through blind hardheadedness actually use this sad, pathetic megaldon of modern mis-treatment of it's customers.  There ARE other money-service companies out there who actually give a *&^% about their customers, and PP needs to wake-up and realize this.