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Declined On My 5th Working Capital Loan


Declined On My 5th Working Capital Loan

Today I tried to apply for my 5th working capital loan...I have paid off $71,000 in loans to them in under 2 years.  I was told that my account was affilated with another account that had defaulted on the working capital loan that they had.  They could not tell me who....went in circles of conversation with three different phone reps.  I do not have any other Paypal accounts...and I am not partnered with anyone that has a loan.   The third time I called, they said it could be because "the suspected" person had used my computer at some point to log into Ebay.  


They told me I needed to do a "little forensics" and investigate.  I have on idea what they are talking about...they kept trying to direct me to the new Paypal loan....the business loan they offer, but it is far higher in fees.


    I do not know what to think, has anyone else had this type of message?  I do not have any other users listed on my Paypal account.  

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