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Create checkout button


Create checkout button

I need to create a checkout button but I'm not succeeding. I cam create a button for one product but not a button to checkout all the shopping cart products.

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Re: Create checkout button



Here's how to create Add To Cart buttons:


Add to Cart - Sells multiple items with a single payment. A View Cart button is automatically created and allows buyers to view the cart's contents at any time.


Note that you need to create an Add To Cart button for each of your product, and paste the button code next to each item description and product picture you'll have on your webpage and also paste the View Cart button code too, but only once at the top corner of the page. Don't have to have View cart near every item on the page.

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Re: Create checkout button

I already have a shopping cart and the add to cart buttons. The problem is to create a paypal buton to checkout all the produtcs that are in the shopping cart.