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Counterfeit/fake shoes

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Counterfeit/fake shoes

I have received counterfeit shoes, although originally I have started the claim, because the package took ages to turn up, then I changed the dispute because both pairs were incorrect, then upon further inspection both of the pairs of shoes are fakes. PayPal doesn’t let me comment on the dispute until the seller responds first, which takes them weeks! I’m worried that I will run out of time. Any help appreciated.
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Re: Counterfeit/fake shoes



Just saying that they are fake is sadly not proof enough to get a refund without having to return the item.

If it was then every buyer would just say fake to save having the hassle of a return.

You would need written proof from a company that made or sold the genuine item OR a shop that sold it.

Even then if the item was bought from somewhere like China it wouldn't make any difference as its legal to sell fakes in China and so the seller is entitled to the return of their legally sold items.


So put in as much info as you can and make sure you escalate to a claim before the dispute times out at 20 days.

Also have you clicked on this link to get help with any return costs?


However if the item was bought in the UK then you can take action in the small claims court against the seller selling fakes or inform trading standards, if the seller knows you may do this then they may issue a refund.

Lastly if you funded your paypal payment via a credit card then you also have the option if the paypal dispute does not work out to try a chargeback via your card issuer?

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