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A user clicks to sponsor, and they end up using PayPal to make that donation.
This has been working out fine until April 29. When a donation is completed, we are not getting any status from your end that says "Complete", however, our Database still says "Pre PayPal", even though transaction on PayPal's end is "Completed". Yes "Auto Return" is turned on and users are redirected back to our website, however, our database doesn't get any status to update on our end.

We would like to know if anything has changed on your end since April 29, 2019? Did your API changed, do we need to change anything on our end?
Please, this is urgent and I can be online for us to do a demo to mitigate the issue.


thank you,


Re: Confirmation

Hi @Ayicho -


Thanks for joining the PayPal Community! I can understand wanting to get this straightened out so things can go back to working again. At this time, there are no reported issues or changes. If you are still experiencing issues, I would recommend opening a Merchant Technical Support (MTS) ticket here so we can take a closer look into this. You will select Contact Us at the bottom of the page. 


Hope that helps!