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Collecting a Sports Club Registration Fees


Collecting a Sports Club Registration Fees

Hi everyone,

  I am the Technology Director of our local soccer club.  We have about 1500 members in both recreational and travel programs.  I'm trying to work paypal into a custom built registration system that I wrote.  The technology is Angular CLI using Rails 5 as a back-end.  Paypal is confusing as hell as I am not sure what application I should be using.  


Here's the flow...

User logs into our website, registers their family and then their children for either recreational or travel program. 

At the end, I show them a line item list and calcuate the fees due. 


The click on the PayPal button and I generate the cart and pass it off to PayPal to collect said dues. 

Pretty straight forward yes?


I've started with PayPal's Smart Payment buttons.  There seems to be an extraneous amount of back and fourth between the club's website and paypal.  I am okay with redirecting them to paypal for the payment.  Once they input their funding source, I want to just automatically commit the transaction and be done.  The verbage around capturing and authorizing is a little vague to me.


Ideally, since we're a registered non-profit, I'd like to recover any processing fees as a convienence fee.  I'm not sure how to do this.


I need some gudiance.  What's the difference between capture and authorize?  When is the transaction complete, i.e. funds are put into my club's paypal account.  Also, suggestions on how to recover the credit card fees.  I've seen reports of this being against ToS for PayPal, but they are old.  As a non-profit, we really rely on every penny charged.  Our members are okay with a convience fee.