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Cannot use eBay Checkout -- Paypal Login Spins Forever


Cannot use eBay Checkout -- Paypal Login Spins Forever

eBay Checkout with Paypal is not working (and has not been working for about 5 days).


I login with my username and password and it just spins forever (the circle goes round and round for hours if you let it).


I have tried clearing cookies.

I have tried Chrome, Firefox, and Edge from multiple different PCs.

I have tried the eBay App on Android.

I have tried using instead of

I have tried logging into Paypal in another window before, during and/or after eBay checkout.


Nothing works.


Please help.


Re: Cannot use eBay Checkout -- Paypal Login Spins Forever

Update: now Paypal checkout says: "Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later."


This is better than the spinning, but I still can't checkout, all these many days later.


Re: Cannot use eBay Checkout -- Paypal Login Spins Forever

I've been fighting this for days now and found something that seemed to work... (apologies for the verbose mode but it may provide a necessary clue).

EDIT: Found the problem or at least a workaround... Scroll down to the Workaround section (lower below) to get to that bit if you want to avoid the verbose mode 🙂

Edit #2: Steps 1-8 didn't make a blind bit of difference (I think) as the window seems to be more critical... I've included it for completeness, just in case..


  1. Went into Paypal and checked my account setting for the Nth time.
  2. Spotted that under "My money" > "Your preferred way to pay" nothing was set (and figured what the heck, I've tried everything else!).
  3. Set the "Online purchases" to "PayPal Balance"
  4. Went back to my eBay checkout and clicked the "Paypal" payment option (for the 4 millionth time!)
  5. For some reason the normal pop-over window opened as a new tab/window instead of it's usual pop-over
  6. Put in login details as normal and for first time in forever got the 2F Auth prompt for SMS
  7. Clicked the send SMS button and then keyed in the code received
  8. Voila! I was logged in and the browser bounced around a little while it took me back to the checkout with "Paypal" finally selected

A key part of me wonders if the true issue was the pop-over window rather than the changed setting so I cleared the checkout, went back through the whole process again and as anticipated it borked out.


The Problem:
Something is blocking the script from writing back to the same pop-up/over window that you login to Paypal in. It's almost as if the script closes the window early (when you complete the initial user/pass login) and then tries to respond to the window it just closed, slams into a virtual wall and slides "gracefully" to the ground before ignoring the whole thing.

The Workaround/(Fix-ish):

  1. Go the eBay checkout as normal and get to the "Pay with..." option
  2. Select "Paypal" (no idea if this works with Paypal Credit btw).
  3. Wait for the pop-up/over window to appear.
  4. Look for the address bar at the top of the window starting ""
  5. Right click on it (it "should" select the whole address but if it doesn't, right click it and then click "Select All")
  6. Choose "Copy"
  7. Open a new tab/window in your browser and paste the copied address to the address bar then hit enter/return/go
  8. You should now see a login form as normal
  9. Proceed as normal and hopefully you should find that the login completes its initial login along with any 2 factor authentication.
  10. It should then take you back to your checkout page where normal service with Paypal should resume with the option selected and "Confirm and pay" ready to go.


Further Info:

This method worked on the following system setup:

  • Windows 10 64 bit
  • Chrome browser span>
  • Malwarebytes installed
  • Paypal business account