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Cannot accept PayPal payments through website


Cannot accept PayPal payments through website

Customers cannot complete payment online, get the message: "in order to comply with US government regulations, my order cannot be completed." Just checking if this is a PayPal issue or a website host issue. PayPal here works perfectly so I think it might be a site issue but have to figure it out anyway. Thanks in advance.


Re: Cannot accept PayPal payments through website

Hello @fmiranda1956,


I'm sorry to hear your customers are running into some issues paying you. Based on the message they are receiving, this sounds like a PayPal based decline. PayPal must comply with various government regulations, and from time to time we may not allow a payment to process based on those regulations. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 


Thank you for your time,


 - Jon K

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Re: Cannot accept PayPal payments through website

Thanks for your reply, Jon K. I actually have an update: I talked with a specialist at PayPay today by the phone, and she said she could not help as there were no records of the payments being initiated by PayPal. So there was no other choice than go through all the settings of my website control panel... I forgot that I changed my email address (old one was hacked) but forgot to change it in one of the settings in there. The moment I corrected that, two orders came in right away. You see, my company is U.S. based and we only accept orders from the U.S. and everything has been working fine for almost five years... however, my host is in Australia and maybe the email address discrepancy triggered some automatic flag. Anyhow, seems to be working now and if something else comes by I will let everybody know.