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Can someone PLEASE HELP with getting my PPP documentation uploaded???

New Community Member

Can someone PLEASE HELP with getting my PPP documentation uploaded???

Apparently PayPal just offers NO customer support anymore. NONE. I've tried emailing, messaging, etc. Nothing. I'm really hoping that because this is a bunch of PEOPLE and not an automated system that maybe someone can actually offer HELP.


I've applied for PPP as an individual. I'm now being asked for:

- Copy of Business Certificate/License
- Copy of Driver's License for all 20% + owners
- Payroll Calculator and Verification Document


Again, I'm applied as an individual. Am I still required to provide all this for my company? And what is a Payroll Calculator and Verification Document? I've never heard of this. I didn't have to provide any of this for the last bank I tried (and failed for unrelated reasons) to apply with. 


Which brings me to my second problem. Even if I had all of this and wanted to upload it, I can't. I sign onto the loanbuilder portal site, and there's just nothing there. There's nothing under Activity. Total loans says 0. I click on Summary, and it's blank. Sounds like something I need PayPal to fix, doesn't it???


Sorry, I'm just so absolutely and completely angry about this whole loan process I'm considering finding a pillow to beat up with my Louisville Slugger.


Thanks for ANY help anyone can provide.