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Can I turn a one time payment into a subscription?

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Can I turn a one time payment into a subscription?

If someone makes a one-time payment, can I turn that into a subscription for a different amount? Ex: A one-time payment of $100, then on my end, start a subscription for them for $70/month.

Which PayPal service do I need to do this? Can I do it with a regular Paypal account, or only if using PayPal as a gateway?
Will someone have to have a Paypal account in order to do this? 

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Can I turn a one time payment into a subscription?

With Payments Standard:

It is possible to with a little code tweaking to setup a subscription item button that starts with a 1 time payment and then the next the subscription part starts the next day with whatever terms and amounts you setup.   The trick is to use the subscription variables intended for a free trial and tweak them for an amount and a duration of 1 day.  What you can't directly do is accept a 1 time payment and later turn that transaction into a subscription. 


With Payments Pro:

As this product works quite differently from Standard, you may be able to accept a 1 time payment and at some point turn that into a subscription.   With Pro, you are controlling the customer's checkout experience as they remain on your site, they are not redirected to the PayPal Checkout screens like they are in with Payments Standard.  You are collecting the customer's credit card details and then passing that info to PayPal for processing behind the scenes so in theory, you could use that card info to setup a subscription after the one time transaction.  This is assuming the customer is aware of this happening up front and agrees to this.

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