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Business account for a charitable non-profit trust

New Community Member

Business account for a charitable non-profit trust

Hello, I need some advice if anyone has one. I am in charge of the website for a charitable trust. I put the website together on Squarespace and am trying now to set up a "donations" button for people to send us a few euro if they wish to. I want to use PayPal as the option and Squarespace is prompting me via a set-up window to start a PayPal business account. All easy, all fine. My question is in the info that I must submit to Paypal as wea re not technically "a business"- it wants to know the the details of the business owner (there isn't an "owner" as it is a charitable trust). The business credit card that charges are made through would be the same one linked to this Paypal account. Do I enter the same information as that card? I live in Ireland but the credit card is registered to my associate's address in the Netherlands. Do I enter his details or my own info as administrator of the website? 

Any help would be appreciated