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[Bug] 3 major bugs with Mass Payments via CSV


[Bug] 3 major bugs with Mass Payments via CSV

We are using Mass Payments feature to upload a CSV to do payments and noticed 3 major bugs.


The documentation we are referencing is this:



Phone Number does not support country code prefix (e.g +1)

First issue is the mobile Phone # for recipient. It appears in our tests that the phone numbers do not support country code. So if my number was 555-666-7777, specifying +1555666777 does not work and flagged as invalid recipient.  If we use 15556667777 (omitting the "+"), it will try to send a payment then have a failure.  All phone number products that I've ever used accept the country code as part of a phone number.  The right design can't be relying on the Currency Code column, because there may be a future use case of sending a non-USD currency payment to a USA phone number.


Customer Note does not behave like the docs describe

Second issue is about the way the "Customer Note" field is handled.  In the above linked documentation, it says this about the customer note:

"A unique sender defined message. When provided, this customized message is only sent to the individual recipient."


The example they give even shows that the note is intended to be customer facing:




When we send payments, the customer note field is never shown to the customer at all.


Customer's are not always notified when getting payments 

We've noticed super weird behavior with how customer's do or do not get notified when getting paid via phone number:

  1. If the customer DOES NOT have their mobile number associated to a paypal account, they get an SMS notifying the of a payment. They tap the link and get taken to paypal sign in screen so they can opt-in to receive the payment. This is good and expected 
  2. Conversely, if the customer DOES have their mobile number associated to a paypal account, they are NEVER notified they received a payment and it's just deposited into their account.  There is no email sent to them nor an SMS.  It does not matter what their notification settings are.  Meaning, even if they have both email and mobile push notifications (for the paypal app) enabled, they do not get notified.  This is a seemingly huge bug.