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Anyone get a hold of Paypal?

New Community Member

Anyone get a hold of Paypal?

Has anyone been able to contact PayPal by mail or phone? I understand they are limited in staff due to the current situation, but I've sent two messages one 2 weeks ago, and the other a week ago with help with my deposits that comes to a lot of money.


There's also no phone number to contact them.


This is beyond frustrating.

PayPal Employee

Re: Anyone get a hold of Paypal?



Thank you for reaching us thru Community Forum. I do apologize if you having difficulty trying to reach our customer support team. Due to Covid-19 pandemic our customer service is temporary close for safety precaution. If you wish to reach us,  on our PayPal website we have contact us and you will be provided options. Hope this help

New Community Member

Re: Anyone get a hold of Paypal?

I have been messaging for two days and have not received any responses. I just get an automated reply that an agent will respond in an hour.  I understand staff is limited, but there is no way to get a hold of anyone other than the message center.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.  I have an open dispute and there is no way to add additional important information to my dispute like you can do on Amazon.