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Additional information Error

New Community Member

Additional information Error

Help,  I have been having issues with my paypal. A while back they updated and asked for additional information in order to continue using your money to make payments etc. I am now only able to transfer funds into my bank account. It still keeps asking for more information but no matter how much I search I can't find where to do this.

I keep getting the attached "pop-up" but the link to add/update information NEVER becomes clickable. And I cant seem to find anything in their help area at all that relates to this situation in order to resolve it. Has anyone solved this?Capture3.JPG


Re: Additional information Error

Hey @SJPhoto89,


If you've already completed the verification process, it may be an issue with the website and your account specifically. I would advise contacting us by phone, Facebook, or Twitter so that we can help get the issue resolved. Thanks!


- Ashley M

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