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Access to PayPal here has been disabled

New Community Member

Access to PayPal here has been disabled

I have been using my Paypal business for starting my new trading card shop. Most of my sales have been online but I've started dealing with more local customers and wanted an easy way to accept credit/debit cards in person. I clicked to apply for PayPal Here, entered my phone number and it says my access is disabled.


My account is in good standing, I've never even had a dispute or any issues(fingers crossed). I have good credit, a paypal debit card, all my accounts are in good standing etc. When I contacted support, they said the system "deemed my application unacceptable" and that I should've received an e-mail. Or course, I've never received any such e-mail.


Has anyone ever experienced this? Is there a resolution for this or do I just need to use Square?