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Accepting Paypal payment for various amounts

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Accepting Paypal payment for various amounts

I am trying to setup paypal on a wordpress site so customers can pay for salon services.   Every customer receives a different bill depending on length of time spent being serviced in the salon.   How can I add a paypal button that is labeled "Pay for Service" and allows the customer to enter the exact amount they are billed, which would not be on drop down menu as there are too many pricing possibilities.  


The paypal setup options seem to only allow for But it Now, Donations, etc... and they want to force a predetermined amount for the customer to choose from a drop down menu.   


Thanks for any input on the best way to resolve this.


Re: Accepting Paypal payment for various amounts

Hello dshrode,


Thank you for bringing your question to the PayPal community. The PayPal buttons are a great tool for most merchants but their functionality does lack the ability to omit a specific price. If your business model requires custom pricing per customer, it may be best to use invoices or a service like PayPal.Me, which allow your customers to whatever amount they require.

Other than that, you can look into third-party shopping cart integrations that offer this feature as well. 

- PayPal_Rich

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