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A lot of preapproved payments not processed


A lot of preapproved payments not processed

Hi, in our environment we often process dozens of preapproved payments through chained payment (adaptive API) in a very smooth way and with no problems at all even when we usually process houndreds of payments in few hours).

Today (may 9th 2018) during the european time between 9.00 am and 11 am we've encountered a problem that we've never encountered before, at the moment our cycle was passing to paypal a lot of preapproved payments for processing, we've got no response at all from paypal fo several of these preapproved payments. To better understand: consider that on an amount of 75 preapproved payments sent to paypal we just get a response for 50 of them and completely no answer or errors or ipn or anything for all the other 25.

We've tryed to send them again and then paypal has processed a good amount of them (but not all) and then with a final third try, we've got all the payments done. Definitaley there was a problem on the paypal side in those hours.

What do you think might configure an issue like this? We've thought to a temporary server problem on paypal but it is just a guess because as said before, we have no ipn track of those not processed transactions in the ipn history, no errors from paypal, nothing.

If it would have been a problem on our side we couldn't get the payments done in the other attempts so we think it was a problem on the paypal side (hopefully a temporary problem). Why there's no track at all of the issue in the paypal status website?

Thanks a lot for any idea.