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<removed> uk gumtree - PayPal scam?!

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<removed> uk gumtree - PayPal scam?!

I am selling a car on gum tree. Have received an email from the above. He has offered to pay funds directly into my bank account. At the 11th hour it seems too good to be true so I google the email address and it’s a scam according to historic posts. Do I need to do anything to protect my paypal account? He has my email address and hsbc account details? I don’t want to suspend it but feeling I should? Help....




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Re: <removed> uk gumtree - PayPal scam?!



You gave him your bank details  Smiley Surprised

The whole point of Paypal is to keep your bank account and card details confidential.

I would inform your bank so that they can keep an eye for any odd activity on your account.


Also DO NOT use Paypal for selling a car as you would have no Paypal buyer protection.

Cash on collection only is the way to go.

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