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help no one will help me at paypal

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help no one will help me at paypal

my account was hacked and they purchased a pair of shoes f my real real account  then they paid with my pp account  they locked my account but they won't reimburse me or even talk to me. i can't get anyone to pick up the phone.. what do i do 

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Re: help no one will help me at paypal



Are you posting from the same locked account? If not, PayPal won't discuss another account through another account. 


Try contact via social media and reference your locked account:

Facebook (US):

Facebook (Worldwide):

Twitter (Worldwide): @AskPayPal 


Its gonna be difficult to get in touch with customer service due to the phone lines being closed due to the virus situation so patience and perseverance is needed. You should get your financials re-issued and use them independently from PayPal and not accept payments for the time being until it all gets sorted. Ideally, what happened to you needs to be handled via phone w/live agent.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂