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eBay's new payment policy


eBay's new payment policy


eBay's new direct payment policy is designed to bypass PayPal and from what I read -will cost more than the current set up we have with PayPal. 

If we do not opt in,  we get charged twice--once from eBay and also PayPal. Do I read this correctly??

eBay seems to be trying to squeeze more and more charges  from the private seller. 

Service charges seem to be getting higher from them and more complex. Any observations?


Re: eBay's new payment policy

I'm afraid you won't have the option to "opt out" of ebay managed payments. When ebay send you a invitation / message  asking you to provide bank details for your sales proceeds for managed payments , you will have a time limit to respond. If you don't respond, I believe you will not be allowed to sell on ebay. I also believe that private sellers will not be invited to join ebay managaed payments until late 2021.

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Re: eBay's new payment policy

This just seems wrong. I've had no problems with the way my PayPal processes ebay payments, and I like having a PayPal balance to work with.