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eBay buyer refuses to file INR...why?


eBay buyer refuses to file INR...why?

So I was dropshipping (I now know it's against ebay rules, didn't know at first). However, I was working with someone who is a wholesaler for laptops. And he turns out to be a scammer I think, haven't heard from him in a week since sending him the money for the laptops. I worked with this guy in the past and everything was good. But I have 3 orders that I put in with him, and one buyer was requesting a refund since he decides it's going to be too long to ship although I stated in the description that the laptops are on backorder.


So after some back and forth with one of the buyers. He states that he need his money and blah blah. I initiated the refund, it rejects after a few days because I have no money in my account! So I was honest with the buyer about everything and told him I don't have the money to refund. I encouraged him to reach out to eBay to file a INR and get his money that way. He refuses to do that. He said that he will file a police case lol... I got worried and called eBay and they told me not to worry about it because he's protected as a buyer and he'll get his money back regardless he just have to file an INR. I prefer him not to do that, because regardless I will pay off the debt at this point to keep my paypal and ebay alive! But he won't file for the INR. It's been a week since I've heard from him. By all means I want him to get his money back...I'm not a scammer and like the eBay rep told me there's no way for a seller to scam a buyer on ebay... because they see everything.


Why wouldn't he want to file a INR? He wants me to give him the money back but I told him I don't have it as I am waiting for the wholesaler to respond. In the meantime file an INR... but he won't. Like why? The other two has and they have gotten their money my paypal is currently in neg! 

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Re: eBay buyer refuses to file INR...why?



No idea. You have to keep convincing the buyer to file one. Maybe it looks too complicated for this particular buyer to do it. They haven't filed a PayPal dispute yet, have they? I don't know what kind of case they can file with PayPal since you already issued a refund, even though it failed. Find out if they bought from eBay US or some other country's eBay site and provide the buyer instructions from that eBay site on how to file an INR case to get their money back.


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Re: eBay buyer refuses to file INR...why?

the crazy thing about it is, they left a negative comment stating "Scammer, i never got my laptop and had to get eBay involved"... but that's not true, cause I called eBay on myself and told them what happen and they told me that it's against the rules to do any third party selling, but people do it and INR happens all the time and that I can't do nothing until they file an INR. I'm sure the buyer knows how to do it and if he doesn't... he knows how to call EBAY and Paypal. I'm thinking maybe he isn't legit somewhere as a buyer. I was worried that my address and name would be exposed to him... although it's not it's just my business name and email. But I was afraid that he would try to come to my house. But rest assured paypal and ebay both told me he has no access to that info. 

He's saying he would go to the police before ebay? Cause all the police is going to tell him is that first he has to file a dispute with eBay. It's not like I'm a scammer because I respond to him right away and is up front to him. And I even got eBay involved. So I don't know what's up. Either way I'm working on the money now.