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I had a chargeback from a guy
I sent him product . He did a chargeback. I proved to paypal that item was delivered and signed for. Paypal in all their wisdom gave them back the money and did not require them to send my product back. How in the hell is that protecting the seller. For the love of god at least let me get my stuff back. Paypay is just encouraging theft . If I tried that I would be in jail. Paypal sucks sucks and dosent care about the sellers.

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Re: chargeback



A chargeback is not a paypal dispute, it is done directly by the buyer with his credit card issuer (as he must have used a card to fund his paypal payment).

So the card issuer makes all the decisions and all paypal do is pass on information on your behalf.

However if the card issuer finds in favour of their client then he is refunded BUT you would be reimbursed under seller protection IF you met ALL the requirements of that policy.

So your best bet is to read up and see why you were not covered if you were not reimbursed.

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