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accepting payments


accepting payments


selling something through FB Market place and they asked if I accept payment through Paypal and for my ID


reading up on it apparently my email address linked to Paypal is all they need?


or do I give them my seller ID?

so when it hits my account is it safe, cant be declined or withdrawn?





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Re: accepting payments



Any payment can be reversed later through PayPal dispute or by credit card chargeback because of scamming or Buyer not satisfied with purchase (didn’t receive or not as described).


You can give your PayPal email address, link, or send a PayPal invoice to the buyer’s email address for the buyer to pay you.


If you received a payment where no fee is charged to receive payment, those are called friends and family payments and they do not have seller protection. You can issue a refund and ask buyer to send payment again as goods and services if they do that.


Alaways check the PayPal account for the payment before shipping do not just believe emails.

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Re: accepting payments

Thanks sharpiemarker


OK but a dispute needs to go through the proper Paypal channels I assume or dodgy buyers could just reverse everytime so there's no seller safety in that?

Their payment has showed up in my account, less a fee of $3.42...something else I wasn't aware of when I agreed to accept Paypal as a payment means

I'm paying for their seller protection I gather?


it says money received so there's no pending time I'm safe to post?

forgive my paranoia, my son was recently scammed with a bank transfer/cheque  deposit


it's showing my balance converted to $US as well, this just because it's a US company?