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Why is PayPal reverting transactions to scammers?


Why is PayPal reverting transactions to scammers?

This is a shame, really.

I have over 500€ of negative balance on my account. All because I sold the same service 4 times to the same person (a scammer). 3 of those transactions were reversed, even after providing irrefutable evidence that I sold it. I contacted support through telephone and, while she was nice, she said: "Sorry we can't do anything, it's not up to Paypal to decide who wins these transactions." What? So who is it? Is it up to the scammer if he steals or not?

How can such a popular paying method be so incompetent?

Paypal, you should start treating your sellers like real sellers. Paypal is full of scammers, and people are starting to notice that. 

Either you start fixing these things, and stop supporting scammers, or you will start losing more and more costumers.

I will contact this to the police and start a legal process. Hope they can fix this mess.

Beware, sellers, paypal won't defend you if someone decides to chargeback without reason.

Sorry, but I won't use paypal again.