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Where exactly is the seller support? Why do people still use PayPal/eBay?


Where exactly is the seller support? Why do people still use PayPal/eBay?

I sold my computer on eBay on April 23rd, 2020. The customer was unhappy and I agreed to refund her, upon return of my item through the help of the eBay Resolution Center. The buyer had 2 weeks to ship my computer back with a label I paid for and provided - she did not and the refund request was closed in my favor by eBay. The specific reason given by eBay was: "buyer failed to communicate, or return the item within the 2 week allotted eBay return policy time period". I gave the buyer and additional 2 weeks before opening a case with eBay, all while the funds were still on hold for over a month at this point. 

Then in August, four months later, the buyer takes the same case to PayPal and her card company, where no investigation is done - and they never communicated with me. I got charged a chargeback, and had to deposit money into my PayPal account to cover the deficit. This was despite the fact my computer had never been returned. I reached out to the customer when she originally requested a refund, and I approved in accordance with eBay's regulations. At this point four months later - she owns the computer. Whatever damage or use that has been done is not on me, and I should not have to answer for a sale made four months ago, that was found in my favor and closed. 


So now here I am, unable to talk to an actual human. The buyer has been refunded, and still has my computer - she has no incentive to ship it back at this point. What do I do? 


I sold my computer at the start of Covid to cover living costs. I lost money on shipping, time and everything else related to this transaction. I would like to speak with someone as soon as possible about this issue and learn more about what is being done for the sellers. I paid my 11% to eBay and the 3%+ to PayPal - I lost the tax, I lost the fees, so what do I get exactly?  Absolute insanity borderline requiring a lawsuit.