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What is going on?!


What is going on?!

We have a buyer purchase 4 times from our website. All the same item

They used a different name and address for each purchase (paypal shows the address each time)

Asks for no invoice every time as its a gift

It appears to be a Russian buyer. we didn't realise to begin with it was all the same person.

1st transaction they disputed the delivery until a proved it was delivered

2nd they cancelled after i had started shipment and i had a mess around getting it back

3rd they said it was broken and i replaced

Now we are on the 4th and they are disputing delivery again even though I have APC tracking details.

All the phone numbers are either dud or fake.


What would you do?? i feel like I'm somehow walking into an issue or scam??

Or is someone selling my product on and having me do the shipping?