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What do do about unsolicted payment?


What do do about unsolicted payment?

I received a payment of 10 euro and change that I did not solicit. The user then requested a refund in the same amount, but this time in dollars.


I opened a ticket with PayPal reporting this as possible fraud but never got an answer.


That was about a month ago. I've just received another payment in roughly that same amount from the same user.


Why doesn't PayPal respond - they don't care about fraud?


Re: What do do about unsolicted payment?

Hi @mmcglynn1,


I'm sorry to hear that you received an unsolicited payment. To best protect yourself, if someone sends you a payment that is not expected, you can refund the payment using the issue refund link. The payment will go back to the source, in the currency that they originally used. Never send a separate payment for a refund if it can be avoided.


Thank you also for reporting the situation. PayPal will not respond with any details about an investigation or action regarding another PayPal member.


I hope this helps!




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