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Unauthorized transaction. Who protect the seller?


Unauthorized transaction. Who protect the seller?


how can I protect myself as a seller from buyer that open issues for "unauthorized transactions" ?

My product is a service and doesd not require any shipment; it cannot be covered by the "Seller protection".

I just get the email from the user; I also register the IP address.


When a user open an issue or a dispute for "unauthorized transaction" my account balance is reduced of that amount.


Someone paid my service with 5 different PayPal accouints.
I refunded all of them and I lost money.

I closed my service because ANY of my customer can say "Unauthorized transaction" in any moment (they have 120 days I think).

I cannot work with this risk anymore.


What can I do?

I don't want to register the account and ask Personal ID or other documentation; I simply cannot do it because it can by from ANY country in the world.
I'm only registering the email and the IP address when the customer order the service.


1. I can implement a verification of the email but the thief can also have the access to the email of the hacked PAyPAl account.

2. What kind of verification is required to not allow "unauthorized transaction" refund requests ?









I sell services online.
I cdreate HTML and JavaScript code for customers.

I send the "product" by email, using a shared repository or directly changing the code on the customer system.

I'm not eligible for "Seller protection".

To do my job often I pay other developers.
I het payd 100 EUR.

I pay my developer 90 EUR.

I earn 10 EUR minus paypal costs minus some other costs.


The buyer (my customer) pay using PayPal  Checkout button on my website.

I just ask for the email and I communicate that I received the order and I send the job done to that email.


The customer open an issue 

Someone use the