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Unauthorised payments

New Community Member

Unauthorised payments

I have had a few unauthorised payments on my account. I opened a dispute with PayPal and they said the agreed with this. That they have issued a refund to the original source. But my paypal balance still stands at £0.00. I changed my password, removed my bank account details because I was worried someone was going to use them. Why wouldn't I have recieved my money from PayPal yet?

Re: Unauthorised payments

These people probably work for Paypal as their customer service is in Pakistan and China and India where these crooks are. They have hijacked my account and continued to charge my account hundreds of dollars with fake businesses until I caught it took my bank account out of it and now can't use PayPal for ANYTHING they changed my photo! Good luck calling PayPal. Only thing you can do is never use PayPal again