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Thanks PayPal. Seller protection? What seller protection?


Thanks PayPal. Seller protection? What seller protection?

I've always been an advocate of PayPal.  However, what just happened is absolutely disgusting.  Yes everyone.  I got taken on eBay, and guess what?  That's right!  PayPal let the dishonest buyer scam me!  Absolutely wonderful!


Sold a perfectly fine working stereo cassette deck.  Shipped asap as I always do.  The buyer messaged me the day the package landed demanding $20 back because the radio "doesn't work".  (All my years on eBay this is the first time this has happened to me.)  I knew what was happening here.  After a back and forth with the buyer, I simply stated, if the radio is broke why do you want to keep it?  Send it back and I'll refund you.  That was that.  Heard nothing back.  Transaction took place August 16 2019.


Fast forward to October 4th, PayPal case created for item not as described....lovely.  After filling in PayPal with the details, they figured the best course of measure would be for them to return it.  Fine.  Guess what?  The buyer sent back something to some random address in my zip code.  Gee, bet it wasn't the working vintage radio tape deck.  All PayPal saw was a delivered box to my zip code, and refunds the buyer.  Unreal.  So I'm going to the post office tomorrow morning to see where the fake package was actually delivered and its exact contents. 


Is something like this considered mail fraud?  Does anyone know if it would be worth my while to file mail fraud report when going to the post office tomorrow?


Thanks again PayPal for leaving me and numerous other honest vendors in the cold.

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Re: Thanks PayPal. Seller protection? What seller protection?



Yes, this is mail fraud/theft. Go to the PO and get GPS delivery coordinates and official documentation from USPS where this package went to, file mail fraud report, file a report with, file police report and report the buyer for abuse of the PayPal purchase protection program and have all the reports and documentation ready to submit in pdf form to appeal the case.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂