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Sellers rights ?!

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Sellers rights ?!

Hiya, I really require some advice. I have sold an item to a buyer on Depop. This buyer has 0 feedback on her account whereas I have never had an issue and have 64 positive feedback. I posted a dress in perfect condition early last week and she states she only received it today after picking it up from a reception desk at her apartment after it was delivered over the weekend, I posted it first class recorded. She’s saying the dress has black marks on it and a hole (which it never upon postage) I feel it has been worn by herself over the weekend and now in an attempt to get a refund she is trying to send me back a damaged item and get her money back. She is brand new to Depop and I’m a reputable seller. Where do I stand on this as it’s completely unfair and I must have rights as a seller? I appreciate any advice.
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Re: Sellers rights ?!



Sellers are not protected from Significantly Not As Described (SNAD) claims, except when the buyer's story sounds like buyer's remorse to PayPal (don't fit, don't like, bought by mistake, as described but did not meet expectations, saw it cheaper at another store, warranty-like claims: no longer work after x amount of time of use, etc). You can negotiate a solution within the first 20 days of the dispute with the buyer or it can be escalated to PayPal to decide and they'll go by policy and have you accept a return and then refund the buyer.

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