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I have recently sold an iPad and the buyer said he sent the money and I got an email but it was in my junk mail and had spelling mistakes. Apart from that the email looked legitimate and said I have to add a tracking for delivery before it will show up on my account. However, I have logged in to the app and online and there is nothing about pending payments on there. Long story short am I being scammed or is this normal? Cheers
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Yes, you are being scammed. PayPal do not have grammar errors in their emails because they use templates that are the same text every time, except for the data that us users enter should there be typos and errors in them. PayPal's email are very basic in information. It says who pays, how much, for what, shipping address and transaction ID. PayPal emails can be faked by scammers. By your description, the email can't be legit. I think scammers put typos and warning signs on purpose but still some people fall for it say it's still legit, because they so thirsty for the cash and they get scammed. 😞


Until you see cash, in your PayPal account, you're being scammed. Especially when it comes selling anything brand name and high value. Scammers want to get items without paying.

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