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Seller's You're **bleep** on Point of sale purchases


Seller's You're **bleep** on Point of sale purchases

I received an email from Paypal that I had a chargeback. 


This was a point of sale transaction where the buyer handed me his credit card and signed in the pay pal mobile app and took his goods. 

The buyer filed a chargeback with his credit card and stated he did not make the charge.  The purchase was made almost 5 months ago at a craft show I was a vendor at. 


The resolution center offered me no way to respond to the case on my behalf.  The open case just stated Paypal was reviewing it and would contact me if they needed any info.  There was nowhere to respond.  I did find a way to respond by email to the disputes department 3 hours after I got Paypals email that a chargeback was opened.   


Paypal didn't even acknowledge my email response and never sent it to the buyer's bank.  I know this from talking with the disputes department last night.  Paypal closed the case within 2 days and told me the buyer's bank made the decision on behalf of the buyer.    As far as I'm concerned Paypal never intended to do anything on my behalf.   The buyer stole from me and so did Paypal when they charged me the 20.00 chargeback fee. 


The receipt showed what the buyer purchased and the mobile app shows the location of where the purchase was made and a signature. I can provide proof of the craft show location I attended as a vendor that weekend and my account shows several purchases made that weekend in the location.  Merchant Sellers you're **bleep** on point of sale purchases with Paypal if the buyer disputes the charge. 


I won't be using Paypal for charges anymore