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Seller protection

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Seller protection

Hi All I’m new to this to I do apologise if this isn’t the correct forum for me to vent my anger!! Before Christmas we had a buyer order personalised equestrian items from us to the sum of £84.95 inc P&P. Messaged customer on the 19th to say it was being posted using PayPal address label. The item was returned to us on the 5th Jan “addressee moved away returned to sender” contacted customer who said she’d lived there 20yrs and even if she wasn’t at home then her housekeeper or grooms would be there to receive item & requested a refund. I sent the item again to the address and again it was refused and returned. I contacted Royal Mail who confirmed via the gps tracker that the item was refused at the address on both occasions. The buyer subsequently issued a claim for non delivery of the items and PayPal have found in her favour and refunded the full amount!! As the seller I’m at a loss as to what more I could have done, it appears that there buyer obviously changed her mind and decided to not receive the item and yet I’m to blame for that!! According to PayPal if item is returned to seller they’re protected my the seller isn’t, although personalised items are protected for either the seller or buyer. Can anyone explain what more I could have done to ensure I wasn’t robbed of the £84.95

Re: Seller protection

Hi RedEquestrian,


I'm very sorry to hear about the negative experience you've had related to this dispute. I understand how frustrating it can be dealing with a buyer with remorse. In situations like this, the best option would be to appeal the decision for us to review again. Hopefully there are more favorable results this time around!


- Ashley M

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