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Scammer opens a claim after delivering services


Scammer opens a claim after delivering services

In the begin of January i delivered some research and digital goods by using Whatsapp, even if i asked to deliver it via Email the buyer wanted the end product via whatsapp (i have screenshot of this). The buyer had some financial issues and payed me partly he made 15 payments is parts. and he still ows me 400 euro. 


He asked me to deliver the product faster, so i did that even that its cost me more time and money. after i delivered the goods the seller opened directly a claim. I show paypal the whole whatssapp chats, the invoice and even the research material what is delivered to this guy.  the first claim i losed because paypal needed a proof of delivery, i opened a objection and delivered the ip-adress of the person, each time if the buyer clicks on the product i will get his ip-adress. after i delivered this i lose the claim again this because the deadline day doesn't correspendt with payment day. if the backoffice read the my whole case and evidence they can see that i delivered the product before the deadline, so i did extra services. after that case is opened for the 3th time.


In the mean time i checked all the information of this scammer, the scammer made a account using a adress of the forbidden temple in China. i asked some people from china and they said that there is nobody is living there, and its impossible to live there because its a temple. Now i am asking how in earth is possible to make an paypal account on a adress of temple ?


Also the buyer is wholeselling my product in china, the buyer is forgot the remove my company name. so people from china are contacting me and asking of the same material. in the meanwhile i am now 3 month busy to call and contact paypal, i can't use my account because a negative balance. and have 15 claims running because he paid it in 15 parts.


Is there nobody to help me with this case ?


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