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So I made the mistake of falling for a scam PayPal email saying funds were deposited in my account after being contacted about a listing on Craigslist. I sent my fiancé's iPhone X and spent $104 for overnight shipping a little over a month ago. I've tried contacting customer service several times and really haven't gotten any help. I sent the fraudulent emails to and to the FTC. PayPal has not responded to my emails. Any chance I can recoup some of my loses or at least get their IP address banned or something?

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Re: Scammed



I think it's highly likely that the buyer has no PayPal account at all to speak of or hasn't revealed one since its craigslist. They just sent you some made up PayPal payment confirmation emails requiring you to provide tracking info before receiving payment as proof you have shipped without paying you. And its been a month since you shipped it. This is a matter for law enforcement now, you can report the phone as stolen with Apple. Hope you still have the serial number.


Keep in mind, PayPal would never ask you to ship before seeing a record of payment in your account and you need a record of payment in your account in order to ship with PayPal Shipping and have the tracking info automatically uploaded. And always log on to check if payment was indeed received (even if PayPal puts the payment on hold there is a record of payment), do not just believe emails.

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