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Scammed on Paypal & the buyer won the case...


Scammed on Paypal & the buyer won the case...

Okay, so I just typed out an essay for this report & sent it to the FTC.

Long story short, I dealt with a person through the Facebook marketplace & we agreed upon meeting locally. He bought a bunch of video games/systems throughout two weeks & paid through Paypal multiple times which I was fine with. He stated he was buying it all for his family for Christmas. Fast forward to the first week of January, I receive an email from Paypal stating there was a case filed against me for an unauthorized transaction the buyer never sent. Now I'm in complete shock, knowing that I've basically been scammed... I then give my response through the resolution center & call them. I attached all of the conversation messages pertaining to the payments. Then 2 days go by, I get another case filed against me. I give the same exact response but tell them that I've been scammed & we did multiple transactions. It turns out he used multiple fake PayPal accounts with fake names to make the payments. 2 weeks pass by and now yesterday one of the cases filed against me was closed. The buyer won... I was extremely devastated that this scammer won the case. Now my account is negative over 4 digits, I'm very upset that PayPal favored the buyer when they're the person that scammed me. I'm also very anxious that the person will file more cases against me & I might even lose all the money that I had made with this buyer. I also tried to appeal the closed case but can't find it anywhere, (used the help section).


tl;dr: Buyer paid using Paypal for multiple in-person sales on video game systems, then filed 2 cases against me stating it was an unauthorized purchase & he won. How do I get PayPal to re-investigate this & get my money back?


Re: Scammed on Paypal & the buyer won the case...

Same scenario with me but my transaction is in-game and he paid me paypal. Now he file a case that he didn't receive my in-game gold. Does Paypal community answer you this?