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Sale of Bitcoin with paypal payment

New Community Member

Sale of Bitcoin with paypal payment

on the 14th June I had a transaction for value of AUD 6366.88 for selling bitcoin on the localbitcoins exchange with Paypal payment .

I sold 0.53389460 bitcoins to Shawn <removed> and agreed that payment was via Paypal


Seller was myself with username JRhobartville and the Buyer: was Shawn <removed> with localbitcoins username sbsr 

the bitcoins were sent to the buyer o[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]23:01+00:00

Payment details Receiving PayPal account email: <removed>

Amount: 6366.88 AUD

Reference/message: L44498446BQHR7Y 


this person in local bitcoins known as SBSR, with real name Shawn <removed>, with email address <removed>

and with proper paypal account managed to get the money back from Paypal and kept my bitcoins and I am here trying to het help from someone within the bigger community as Paypal Australia don’t want to help

When I received the notification from Paypal saying that they have refunded the AUD6366.88 to the buyer of the bitcoins, I called Paypal and their answer was that I had lost the money and they could not do anything...


do you or anybody consider this as a fair resolution or as a reasonable process... Paypal Australia did not want to help, they just said that I lost the money...

I asked them why they reversed the funds and their answer was that the bank of the payer requested the money back and that Paypal did not need to inform me before acting...


does this sound fair or honest to anyone. 


As the Australian Paypal officers did not want to help, I sent a letter to Paypal global a bit more than one week ago but Paypal has not answered yet.....

what do I do now, anybody there has similar experience and maybe able to help me?

Message from Paypal telling me that they have taken the liberty of refunding the funds  

’’’’’””””””” Dear Julian <removed>,

The following transaction has been reversed as requested from your buyer's bank. Because this transaction isn't eligible for PayPal Seller Protection, we've deducted the transaction amount from your PayPal account.

Transaction details

  • Buyer's name: Shawn <removed>
  • Buyer's email: com
  • Your transaction ID: 9MC81771FV731533F
  • Transaction date: 14 June 2019
  • Transaction amount: $6,366.88 AUD

We're sorry you had this experience. For tips for selling safely, click Security at the bottom of any PayPal page.





This is the message that I received back from Localbitcoins exchange when I reported the fraud:

“”””””We have now banned the user that you reported, what this means is that they have been notified of their suspension, they can log in, but will be unable to trade. They can contact us and contact any trading partners (you).


We recommend you to visit your local police station and report the buyer as fraud. On the trade page you can find a box called “<buyer’s name> security information”, there you can find some information about the buyer. Please give that information, a long with the receipt of the trade.””””