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Refund issued in error


Refund issued in error

I unknowingly had a duplicate listing on Ebay which sold (the person thought they were buying 2 items but I only had 1) so I cancelled the transaction on Ebay thinking it would refund 1 of the items & posted the item to the buyer. Unfortunately it had cancelled both items and refunded the whole amount via Paypal so I am out of pocket for the item. The buyer typically is not responding to my requests for payment. Ebay also sent them 1 and advised me to do a chargeback via Paypal. Is this possible or is there another way to get my money back via paypal?


Re: Refund issued in error

Hi @rangers4779,


I'm sorry to hear that the refund that you provided the buyer was a full refund instead of a partial refund. A refund is not able to be canceled or recovered. It would be up to the buyer to send a new payment with the correct amount, and PayPal cannot compel them to do that. I'm sorry to hear that the buyer has not been cooperative.




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