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Refund - Can i be scammed?


Refund - Can i be scammed?

Hello , and i am sorry if this question is answered on the paypal policy rules.

I would like to know if
It is possible for me to receive payment for an Item, ship it to delivery address, and then the buyer "refunds" the payment without my consent.

I am afraid because i am about to do a medium-big order (for my standards) and the Buyer seems a little bit sketchy to me. 
If i receive his payment, and send the Item he requests to the delivery address, can he at some point revoke/refund the purchase, while keeping all his money and me losing my item?

Thank you in advance

Esteemed Advisor

Re: Refund - Can i be scammed?



The buyer does not need your consent to dispute a payment. Any payment can be disputed/reversed within 180 days from date of payment. You have to read the seller protection program and meet the basic and additional requirements to be covered and also know what kinds of transactions are even eligible for seller protection:

9. PayPal Seller Protection.


You may also have to read the buyer protection program based on where the buyer is located as they apply to you also as a seller.


Go to this page and select country and click PayPal User Agreement to access the buyer protection program terms:

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂