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Record damaged. Bad shipping handling or buyer fraud?

New Community Member

Record damaged. Bad shipping handling or buyer fraud?



I represent a Record Store and I need some directions to solve a problem. I would like to know what is the common solution for the following problem:


There was an order through Discogs website with the payment made through the PayPal.

The record was sent in perfect conditions, nevertheless, when it was received by the buyer, it was warped and with damages on the covers. There are two possibilites for this happen:

- Bad handling during the transportation;
- The buyer changed the record; (we don't have proof of this, but it can be a possibility, since the record has 180g, and it is not easily warped)

Since the beginning, as much strange the situation could be, we agreed to do a total refund;

Meanwhile, the buyer opened a PayPal dispute, saying that the record was not in proper conditions;

We did the total refund;

After this, we complain to our post office, to inform the situation.

Another important detail is that the record is a limited edition with considerable value.

In this situations there is any way to protect the sellers for any type of Fraud made by the buyer?

Thank you in advance